Our purpose is to breathe life into new ventures and help grow and sustain them.

We have an entrepreneurial culture and a business platform that creates substantial value for shareholders, local economies and host communities.

We are a fully integrated mining house, with skill-sets in resource discovery and development, mine operations and production, capital markets, and business development. We are developers, permitters, fundraisers, explorers, branders and mine-builders. At our core, we are all problem-solvers. We identify the target opportunity, acquire the assets and build proven teams to unearth value. It is bespoke; it is customized; it is creative. 

Our DNA was built and ingrained in the founding and advancement of Fronteer Gold and Aurora Energy Resources, two companies underpinned by exceptional development projects with highly strategic production attributes.  In 2011, Aurora sold for $260 million as a wholly owned subsidiary of Fronteer. Subsequently, Fronteer sold for $2.3 billion in cash.

As part of the Fronteer sale, and with our entire team still intact, we created Pilot Gold. This heralded a new beginning, giving us the momentum to create a sustainable platform that could support our next generation of resource companies by sharing services, leveraging our collective experience and expertise, and applying the same approach to exploration, growth and value creation that supported Fronteer and Aurora. 

Under Oxygen, the formation of Pilot Gold was followed closely by True Gold and most recently, Pure Gold.  These companies are characterized by some of the most exciting gold, copper, and near-term production projects in the world. Each company is on solid financial footing and well-positioned to execute on its business plan.

We will continue to rely on our proven approach to exploration, discovery and mine-building. Going forward, we stand as one of the very few teams that have developed a sustainable model for advancing and financing resource projects, at all stages of the mining cycle.