All of our companies are ingrained with the DNA of the Science of Discovery©. Each single one is laser focused on creating value through discovery in data-rich environments. We are not in the business of grass-roots exploration.

Data de-risks a project’s potential. It provides clearer sightlines to opportunities. All flagship projects we invest in have been drilled previously, host an existing resource or have been previously been mined. Many have seen millions of dollars in exploration work undertaken. Opportunities there are often overlooked, ignored, or abandoned by others: we discover or re-discover them.

We stand on the shoulders of previous operators. Data-rich projects answer the No. 1 question of whether a mineral system exists. We wouldn’t invest in them if they didn’t. The only remaining question for us is: How big is it?

We measure twice, cut once to find out. We spend significant time and resources collating, synthesizing, analyzing and compiling historical data before we drill our first hole.

Through independent science, creative thinking, and deep experience, we advance projects further – creating value along the way — than anybody has in the past.